Monday, May 6, 2019

The Month of May

Hi Everyone!
     It is so lovely to see the beautiful JBMA campus each day.  Last week we spent a lot of time as a class watching a mother goose lead her gaggle of four goslings around the outside are of our playground. Many students stood transfixed by the beauty of watching a mother bird care so diligently for her offspring. Most days the class is on a serious hunt for worms in the playground.  A ladybug landing close by is about the only thing that can interrupt their hunt.  This week we will be creating small sculptures using things from nature as we spend time out in the playground.
     May 23 will be last day of Extended Day!  It's hard to believe that is just a few weeks away.  I have enjoyed getting to know your students and helping them learn to negotiate some of the social issues that often arise in an aftercare setting.  This is one of the best groups I have ever worked with and I am thankful for the JBMA families.  I hope you have a peaceful and relaxing summer.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Pictures of Extended Day

Hi Everyone!
Several students have asked me recently to take pictures of them with their work in the Extended Day class.  I told them I would post the pictures in this blog.  So here they are!  Enjoy!

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Rainy Days in Extended Day

Hi Everyone,
     Have you noticed how much rain we have had lately?  It makes for a long day in our Extended Day program.  If it is a mild rain with no lightning or thunder and your child has on rain boots and a rain coat we can go on "puddle walks".  Unfortunately most of the rainy days lately have not allowed us to go on walks.  Instead we were able to cook something different for each rainy day.  Cooking in the Primary Montessori class is a group activity open to any interested child.  Before cooking begins everyone washes their hands.  Next we read the recipe together and identify all of the ingredients and cooking utensils on the cooking table. Fine motor skills are used for spooning, tonging, measuring, pouring and stirring.  Counting skills are used when measuring and stirring.  The best part is enjoying what we made by eating all together in a large group.  Every child has the opportunity to tell the group what he/she likes about the cooking process. Talking to a large group is big work for Primary Montessori students!

We had fun making and eating French toast.

"Dalmatian Pudding"  is very popular.  We make vanilla instant pudding and add mini chocolate chips.

On those glorious days we were able to go out everyone was all smiles!

    Don't forget to send seasonally appropriate extra clothes now that it is starting to warm up.  Also it 
may be helpful to have your child check the weather each morning and decide whether they need rainboots and a raincoat.  If that is not possible in your household each morning you are welcome to send in a pair of rainboots and a raincoat that I can keep in the Extended Day building.  I will be happy the keep them in a safe place and return them to you at the end of the year.  As always feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Friday, February 1, 2019

February Fun in Primary Extended Day

Hi Everyone,
     The short winter days of January seemed to fly by in the Extended Day class.  The students are comfortable with the routine established at the beginning of the year.  Their work and play is joyful.  One of my favorite parts of the day is when I open the door to the playground.  Each student high fives me on the way out the door and takes off running with a joyful squeal!  There are times when the play becomes too physical which is a normal part of child development.  The students often use our Wheel of Choice to mutually decide how to solve the problem of inappropriate play.  The confidence gained from their independent ability to solve a problem is encouraging.  I hope you are seeing this increased confidence and independence in your home.
   In January we enjoyed cooking the ever-popular Banana Bites, Dalmatian Pudding and Sunbutter Sandwiches.  Almost every student helped with some aspect of the recipe.  Community building skills are developed during the cooking activities.  Learning to respectfully wait your turn, clean up afterwards, encouraging one another during the cooking process and most importantly eating the snack together at the end all help strengthen the Extended Day community.  In February we will be making pancakes, popcorn, energy bites and muffins.

Bowling is a lot of fun.  Everyone was involved in the games!

This a reminder of our Wheel of Choice that is often used to solve playground issues.

We made candy houses on our last day before the holiday break.  It was quite popular.

 Ms. Kimmy brought in animal call devices used by her father.  She demonstrated each call and the students had to guess the animal.  They got most of them right on the first guess!
Board games are always a popular activity in the the Extended Day class.

Friday, January 4, 2019

January News

Happy New Year!
Hope everyone had a peaceful break.  Thank you to the Richardson family for hosting the gerbils, Cupcake and Sprinkles, over the break.  Our class guinea pigs, Lightning and Reindeer, came home with me.   After a trip to the doctor and some medicine they are all better and will be returning to class on Monday.  Many students have enjoyed taking care of our class pets.  We will continue to brush and hold the guinea pigs daily as well as clean out both the guinea pig and gerbil areas weekly.  I am in the process of making a second class book.  This second book will be about our class pets and the care we give.  Here are some of the pictures I plan on including in the book:
Brushing the guinea pigs is very popular and important.

This is Lightning.

This is Reindeer.

Riverview Animal Clinic has guinea pig doctors!

The doctor examined Lightning. 

Lightning had a rash on both ears but after medicine is all better.

Neither of the guinea pigs liked going to the doctor but they were kept comfortable in their pouch.

Feel free to come in when you pick up your child and have them show you are pets and class books.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Happy December Everyone!!
      We have two new pets in the Extended Day classroom!  Lightning and Reindeer are two guinea pigs that were rescued from a local elementary school where my daughter teaches.  Apparently an older woman with health issues was not able to properly care for them so they were dropped off at the school office.  They are happy to have a new home at JBMA.  We are learning as a class about proper care of guinea pigs.  I think we have a pretty good handle on their diet -  they eat an incredible amount of fresh vegetables and Timothy hay. I have a special pouch for them to be held in.  Both Lightning and Reindeer seem to enjoy being brushed.  Everyone loves the sweet cooing sounds they make when we arrive each day.
     Occasionally we may be at other locations on campus when you pick up your child.  A sign will always be posted on the Extended Day building door so you can easily find your child.  We will bring the sign out book with us whenever we are away from the Extended Day building.  Please make sure you sign out your child each day.  Thank you!
   We go out every day in the Extended Day program even if its just for 15 minutes of running time.  Please make sure your child has the appropriate gear to remain comfortable in any type of weather. Hats and gloves on cold days make it much easier for your child to enjoy the outdoor time.  Make sure you have labeled everything you send to school.  Thank you.

 This is Lightning

This is Reindeer.

 Sweeping is an excellent large muscle building activity.

The class was very gentle while brushing Lightning.

Monday, November 5, 2018

November News

Hi Everyone!
     Thank you to everyone who sent in an updated change of clothes for your child.  It is never fun to have to change into shorts on a cold winter day!
    We are continuing to discuss kind, peaceful behavior while in a large group before we go outside to play.  Your children have some of the kindest and most creative ideas on how to be a friend and how to help someone who needs some encouragement.  Some of the comments made by the class are:
       "You ask them if they need a hug and then hug them really big"
       "Smile and ask them if they want to play robber."
        "Help them and kiss them."
        "Give them tissue."
        "Never push or kick them."
I am happy to report that our discussions are working.  I see many kind and peaceful actions both in the classroom and on the playground.  I know that the Positive Discipline techniques in use all over the campus are also reinforcing the discussions that we have in the extended day classroom.
   We had a lot of fun last week creating leaf collages, making purple playdough and planting our beautiful garden box.
 Filling the garden box with dirt was the best part!
 Everyone wanted to help but we only had 3 shovels so they had to be patient.

Purple playdough is fascinating!
Towards the end of the day we often put the gerbils in the ball for exercise.

Both gerbils enjoy rolling around the class.  

The class is learning how to care for gerbils.  We all love Cupcake and Sprinkles!
      Hope you have a wonderful week and enjoy the beautiful fall colors!