Monday, December 3, 2018

Happy December Everyone!!
      We have two new pets in the Extended Day classroom!  Lightning and Reindeer are two guinea pigs that were rescued from a local elementary school where my daughter teaches.  Apparently an older woman with health issues was not able to properly care for them so they were dropped off at the school office.  They are happy to have a new home at JBMA.  We are learning as a class about proper care of guinea pigs.  I think we have a pretty good handle on their diet -  they eat an incredible amount of fresh vegetables and Timothy hay. I have a special pouch for them to be held in.  Both Lightning and Reindeer seem to enjoy being brushed.  Everyone loves the sweet cooing sounds they make when we arrive each day.
     Occasionally we may be at other locations on campus when you pick up your child.  A sign will always be posted on the Extended Day building door so you can easily find your child.  We will bring the sign out book with us whenever we are away from the Extended Day building.  Please make sure you sign out your child each day.  Thank you!
   We go out every day in the Extended Day program even if its just for 15 minutes of running time.  Please make sure your child has the appropriate gear to remain comfortable in any type of weather. Hats and gloves on cold days make it much easier for your child to enjoy the outdoor time.  Make sure you have labeled everything you send to school.  Thank you.

 This is Lightning

This is Reindeer.

 Sweeping is an excellent large muscle building activity.

The class was very gentle while brushing Lightning.

Monday, November 5, 2018

November News

Hi Everyone!
     Thank you to everyone who sent in an updated change of clothes for your child.  It is never fun to have to change into shorts on a cold winter day!
    We are continuing to discuss kind, peaceful behavior while in a large group before we go outside to play.  Your children have some of the kindest and most creative ideas on how to be a friend and how to help someone who needs some encouragement.  Some of the comments made by the class are:
       "You ask them if they need a hug and then hug them really big"
       "Smile and ask them if they want to play robber."
        "Help them and kiss them."
        "Give them tissue."
        "Never push or kick them."
I am happy to report that our discussions are working.  I see many kind and peaceful actions both in the classroom and on the playground.  I know that the Positive Discipline techniques in use all over the campus are also reinforcing the discussions that we have in the extended day classroom.
   We had a lot of fun last week creating leaf collages, making purple playdough and planting our beautiful garden box.
 Filling the garden box with dirt was the best part!
 Everyone wanted to help but we only had 3 shovels so they had to be patient.

Purple playdough is fascinating!
Towards the end of the day we often put the gerbils in the ball for exercise.

Both gerbils enjoy rolling around the class.  

The class is learning how to care for gerbils.  We all love Cupcake and Sprinkles!
      Hope you have a wonderful week and enjoy the beautiful fall colors!


Thursday, October 25, 2018

Latest Projects

Hi Everyone,
Hope you were able to come and enjoy the Fall Festival last weekend.  I was unable to come due to family commitments but I heard there was an excellent turn out.
We have had some fun projects in the Extended Day class lately:
Most of the students who come to the Extended Day program were able to put a hand print on our new garden box made by Mr. Dana.  Once the box is finished we will be planting pansies and other cool season annuals.

We made hummus using garbanzo beans, tahini, olive oil and a pinch of salt.

Almost everyone who helped make the hummus enjoyed a taste afterwards.
We had hummus and celery with crackers the next day.

We have had several group discussions on what it means to be a friend. I have helped to point out what friendly behavior is and what unfriendly behavior looks like.  Many children had not realized or possibly even thought about what it means to be a friend.  It was a delightfully engaged discussion for everyone.  
Tomorrow the Primary Program will not be open due to conferences.  
Hope everyone enjoys a long weekend with family.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Fun From Extended Day

Hi Everyone!
       We have had some long rainy days inside the Extended Day classroom and they went surprisingly well.  The group loves games so we have been working on several versions of the Quiet Game.  This is a key component of a Primary Montessori classroom.  The Quiet Game allows the group to experience a still and peaceful moment in a relatively high energy environment.  The game begins with one student standing inside the circle of friends.  The student looks for a friend sitting with legs crossed, hands in lap, eyes on the student and mouth closed.  Once the student locates a friend, the friend is chosen and stands up and switches places with the first friend.  The game continues in complete silence until all students have had a turn. This takes incredible self control on the part of the youngest friends in the group.  They are so pleased when the game is finished and they realize they created a quiet, peaceful moment in the classroom.  This game increases self confidence, independence, and responsibility in the child.  I love watching the class enjoy this simple yet crucial part of a Montessori environment.  I hope everyone comes and enjoys the Fall Festival this Saturday.


Thursday, October 4, 2018

October Fun

Hi Everyone!
Tonight is our Open House.  I hope you are able to make it down to the Extended Day room. 
I created a class book to use in our Reading Area.  It shows  a typical afternoon in Extended Day.
 Here are a few of the pictures from the book:
We eat two snacks a day.

The mopping activity helps build concentration, coordination and independence.

 The marble maze is popular.

Bubble blowing is a lot of fun and includes a lesson in cleaning up.

We bake at least twice a month.

Board games help develop cooperation and often quick math skills.

Many different muscles are used when playing outside.

Legos are definitely the most popular activity in the room.

 We have many different kinds of puzzles.

We have 5 shelves of art activities which provide an outlet for creativity and self expression.

I am happy to talk with you anytime.  Let me know if you have any questions or comments about the Extended Day program.


Monday, September 17, 2018

This week in Extended Day

Hi Everyone,
   We were very busy having fun in the Extended Day program last week.  Many students enjoyed taking part in the enrichment activities; Tennis, Art and Happy Feet.  We also had the opportunity to make playdough and cook banana bites (back by popular demand).
     We are focusing on creating a peaceful classroom and feeling what is like to be individually peaceful.  Maria Montessori created many lessons to teach peace.  She believed that true world peace could be attained by starting with children. She was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts. The Primary Montessori students at JBMA are respectful, inquisitive and reliable contributors in the Extended Day program.  It is a joy to be with them each day.
     I still have many students who do not have an extra set of clothes.  Please send a complete change of clothes in a ziplock bag.  Label everything and write Extended Day on the outside of the bag.  Thanks!
One last request, when picking up your child from an enrichment activity, please make sure to come down and sign them out in the Extended Day book.  This will allow me to keep track of each child in Extended Day and ultimately keep each child safe. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Ms. Carolyn
 Board games are a favorite in Extended Day.

Grouping of older students with younger friends is an important part of the Montessori class.

We eat two healthy snacks in the Extended Day program.

Playtime allows students to build upper body strength.

We set up a water table almost daily as a part of our outdoor playtime.

Many students are fascinated with the multi-step mopping lesson.

Making playdough was enjoyed by all.

Slicing apples and serving to friends is a lesson on our Practical Life shelf.

Our second snack of the day is often outside at the picnic table.

Many friends love the challenge of slicing an apple.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

September Fun

Hi Everyone!
     The Extended Day program is running smoothly,  The students are familiar with the rules and enjoy the freedom within limits, a key component of the Primary Montessori environment. Ms. Kimmie made a Wheel of Choice as a part of the school wide Positive Discipline focus.  The wheel hangs in the classroom and allows the students to choose a solution to a problem they are having with another student.  We see the choices on the wheel being used daily. Students are developing independence and responsibility as well as maturing socially.  It is truly a joy to watch this process!
     We have added "cooking" to our weekly routine.  Recently the younger students made vanilla pudding for the entire extended day class.  It was a huge hit.  Lots of smiles and giggles while taking turns stirring the big bowl of pudding mixture.  Last week we made Banana Bites at the end of the day to be served to everyone the next day.  Unfortunately a few friends had to leave before we were done mixing and baking.  I told them I would send everyone the recipe so here is the link:

It is very easy.  Just four ingredients.  Enjoy!
I will keep you update on future cooking projects.
Feel free to reach out to me by email if you have any questions or concerns:

Wheel of Choice